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Located in the Heart of Pheasant Hunting Country!Pheasants

AJ Acres is proud of our unsurpassed population of wild pheasants. Your group will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in our exclusive on-site accommodations.

Guided wild pheasant hunts are on our privately owned wildlife habitat. This habitat includes cropland, CRP, shelter belts and food plots. Hunt with our flushing Labs, Kelly, Duchess and Turbo, or bring your own. Your dogs will be provided with large, comfortable heated kennel space attached to the main cabin.

Located in the Heart of Pheasant Hunting Country!Your party will have exclusive access to the property during your stay.

Pheasant Factoid
Type: Bird
Diet: Omnivore (like humans and bears they eat meat and vegetation)
Average Lifespan in the Wild: 10-20 months
Located in the Heart of Pheasant Hunting Country!Size: 21 - 36 inches (53 to 91cm)
Weight: 2.9 lbs (1.3kg)
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AJ Acres Hunting
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