AJ Acres Hunting
AJ Acres Hunting
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Located in the Heart of Pheasant Hunting Country!After the Hunt

As the sun sets on a long day in the field, head back to the lodge at AJ Acres
to re-live the hunt, share in good food and spirits, sit on the upper deck & listen
for pheasants flying in for their evening roost. Upon waking the next morning,
dig in to a relaxing and filling breakfast before starting all over again.

AJ Acres is also within 20 minutes of a great Steak House and Lounge,
gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores.

After the HuntPheasant Factoid
Pheasants, a native to china, were brought across the Pacific in 1881
by Judge Owen Nickerson Denny in an initial batch of 30 (with 26
surviving the journey).
Click for more pheasant facts!

AJ Acres Hunting
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